23 Aug

The Top Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai

As pet parents, we know it is important to select a pet-friendly community to live in, especially if you happen to have more than a single pet. To ensure you and your pet can enjoy your time together both indoors and outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of the top pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Here are a few places you and your pet will be welcomed with open arms.

Emirates Living

Emirates Hills, The Lakes, The Meadows and The Springs are all part of the Emirates Living experience. With vast expanses of greenery, beautifully shaded walkways, and shimmering lakes, it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing walk with your pet and unwind outdoors. When you’re done with your time outdoors, you can relax in a pet-friendly establishment like Reform Grill, which allows dogs on the terrace, and Arrows & Sparrows. To top it off, there are pet stores located throughout the community, and three fully equipped dog parks to keep your pet engaged, located behind Springs 8, between Meadows 1 and 2, and next to the Emirates International School. With so much to do and see with your pet, Emirates Living is among the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches

Featuring large private gardens, this gated community features villas inspired by Arabic and Spanish construction styles. The high garden walls act as a failsafe to keep your pets in, and when they're outside their boundaries with you, you can enjoy strolling around the different parks and lakes in the area. This community also focuses on cleanliness, having pet waste bins at various locations to help pet parents clean up after themselves. With veterinary clinics and exclusive pet shops within the community itself, Arabian Ranches is an ideal place for any pet & pet parent.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Alternatively known as JLT, Jumeirah Lake Towers has picturesque views to lose yourself in while on walks with your pet. Containing a gated dog park, pets are allowed to run to their heart's content and get a chance to socialize with other dogs off-leash. With dogs being permitted in the outdoor sitting areas offered across numerous restaurants and cafes, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with some food while your dog enjoys itself.

Dubai Hills

Whether you choose a villa, apartment, or townhouse in Dubai Hills, you're sure to be living in luxury. The diversity of housing mixed with an abundance of greenery and parks makes it a sight to behold for pet parents. With plenty of space, you'll never be left wanting a new walking route, and the dedicated dog park will let your pup spend some well-earned off-leash time. Once you’ve had your fill of exercise, you and your pooch can unwind at the ever-popular Duck Hook, an establishment that welcomes pet owners as well as their children and pets.

Damac Hills

With palm trees and acres of open green spaces, it’s a common sight to see dog strolling with their owners in the picturesque parks of Damac Hills. The cleanliness of the community is maintained thanks to strategically placed waste bags and disposal bins, giving pet parents a chance to manage their pet's waste effectively. The dog park in the middle of the community contains two agility courses – one for smaller dogs and one for larger ones. They even host their events and shows related to dogs, where the community is invited to meet and intermingle with fellow pet parents.

Palm Jumeirah

While pets not being welcome in apartment complexes may be the norm worldwide, Palm Jumeirah bucks this trend with pet-friendly apartments and villas. The sandy palm west beach is among the most picturesque locations for a walk, and when you’ve had your fill, you can head to one of the many pet-friendly establishments to enjoy a lovely meal. The ever-popular Al Ittihad Park is also nearby, giving you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to exploring with your pet.

Victory Heights

Located inside Dubai Sports City, this community features villas and townhouses with large gardens and backyards, giving your pet ample space to run around without being leashed. Heading out of the gardens, there are plenty of parks to explore and run about. While there aren't as many pet-specific services in the area, it makes up for it through online stores which deliver your pet products to your doorstep within a day. Food, toys, maintenance, and more are all available just a few swipes away, making it an extremely convenient alternative to more prevalent service solutions.

To conclude, there are plenty of pet-friendly communities in Dubai with many more expected to be on the way. Pets are a part of the modern family structure, and the establishment of various pet-friendly communities and stores is a sign of the significance they hold in our hearts and lives. When choosing between pet-friendly places to live, make your decision based on your own and your pet's preferences, needs, and requirements. As long as you do so, you should have nothing but smooth sailing in your new home.




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