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End-To-End Pet EXPORTS

International Pet Export Permit in the UAE


If you are leaving the UAE, you must obtain a pet export permit in Dubai before doing so. It is recommended that you start this process ahead of time, as the requirements of your destination country may require more time to fulfil. Depending on your date of departure, it is advised you begin this process at least three to six months in advance, as gathering the necessary documents and obtaining a pet export permit in Dubai/the UAE can take longer than expected.

Registration requirements
  • Pets being exported must be microchipped.

  • Pets must be up to date with municipality-mandated vaccines.

  • Pets must be registered with the Emirate’s municipality.

No pet will be allowed to leave the UAE without an export permit. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) is the only body that issues a pet export permit in Dubai.

Modes of Travel


For pet export from Dubai, as long as the flight is less than 17 hours long, and provided all appropriate conditions are met, Emirates Airlines permits falcons, cats, dogs and pet birds to be transported as checked-in baggage in the cargo hold. Passengers can travel with their pet in two ways:

  • As Checked-In Luggage
  • As Manifest Cargo

If you are travelling with your pet as checked in luggage, you will need to visit the airport a few days before your journey and provide the following documents:

  • Your passport.

  • Your pet’s passport/vaccination record.

  • A payment receipt of the application for the export permit.

Once you reach the airport, you need to go to the Cargo section, where you will find the offices of MOCCAE. There, an official will cross reference your pets microchip number, check the payment receipt, and then provide you with the health certificate required for travel.

If you wish to ship your pet as manifest cargo, speak to the MOCCAE office to find the location closest to you. If your pet is travelling as manifest cargo, regardless of whether through the cargo department or as manifest cargo of a plane, your pet must travel in an IATA approved fibre pet crate. If you require additional health certification, like a certificate from the European Union for example, you will need to get it filled in by your vet and have it attested by the MOCCAE.

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  • vaccination

    An updated vaccination record is a mandatory requirement for pet travel.

  • pet

    An IATA-Accredited Pet Crate is necessary for a safe journey.

  • pet Export

    A pet export permit in Dubai is obtainable from the MOCCAE.


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Explore queries and frequent doubts about pet travel.

How much does it cost to import a dog to Dubai?

The cost of a relocation depends on variable factors like your pet’s age, size, breed, crate size, and so on.

How long does the pet import process typically take in Dubai?

The pet import process typically takes between 1-15 days, depending on the nature of your journey.

What documents do you need to provide when importing a pet into Dubai?

You will need an import permit, a customs bill of landing, a microchip, a health certificate, and a rabies titer test certificate (if travelling from a high-rabies country).

What are the requirements for importing a pet into Dubai?

Pets must be vaccinated against rabies, must have a microchip, and must obtain an import permit from the MOCCAE.

Are there any quarantine regulations for pets imported into Dubai?

No, there is not, unless your pet shows signs of sickness during the import inspection.

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