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Pet-Friendly Parks & Spaces in Dubai

As pet parents, we all do our utmost to ensure our pet’s comfort and happiness when indoors. However, depending on what pet you have, you will also need to invest time and energy outdoors. Dogs, for instance, require regular exercise outdoors, which other pets like cats or hamsters will not require. Dubai has strict laws pertaining to when a dog can be off-leash; fortunately, Dubai is also equipped with multiple spaces where dogs can get their outdoor play time to their hearts content. 

Here Are the Major Dog Parks in Dubai:

BarkPark Dubai -

Aside from the clever wordplay, BarkPark is a neat and clean area where your pups can be off-leash for those galloping runs. The park contains an obstacle course, acres of open land, and a paddling pool for when they need to cool off. To top it off, the park has camping facilities for overnight adventures as well. Located in Al Awir, the park is open from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM and is closed on Mondays. 

Dog Park – Springs Dubai -

If you want a playground for your dog, look no further. This park is exclusively for dogs, containing a swing set and a playground for your pooch to frolic in. We know dogs love to roll around in dirt when on walks and this park is equipped with a special muddy space where dogs can roll to their hearts content. This park is located in Springs Dubai, making it a wonderful spot for pet parents and especially those living in the Spring.

The JLT Dog Park -

Located in Cluster H, this dog park serves as a haven for dog lovers. As a dog-only park, dogs are welcome to socialize, train, and enjoy themselves here, with amenities like lush fields, a sandpit, and a dedicated off-leash area. The park’s size is 475m2 , meaning your dog will have plenty of room to stretch its legs.

Dubai Hills Estate Dog Park -

If you’re looking for space, look no further than Dubai Hills Estate Dog Park. This park is located in a pet-friendly community, meaning there’s plenty of space and socialization to be enjoyed. There’s even a dedicated space where your dog can enjoy themselves off the leash.

The Greens Dog Park -

Ranked among the top pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Dubai, The Greens is a massive, fenced space, equipped with a huge field for off-leash galloping and a sandpit for dogs to roll around in. As open as the space may be though, pet parents are instructed not to bring any toys or treats to the park, likely due to health and safety concerns.

Sustainable City Dog Park -

At 1000m2, this park is sure to have all the space your pup needs and then some. With such a large size, it is a great place for your pup to socialize and play with other dogs without any worries regarding leashes or space. This massive park serves residence of Arabian Ranches, Studio City, and other communities nearby.

My Second Home Dog Park -

The second branch of the brand, My Second Home has now opened another indoor dog park in Dubai. Located in the Al Quoz area, the park welcomes pet parents to enjoy the brands familiar pet-friendly services.

To conclude, there are a number of wonderful pet-friendly spaces in Dubai both you and your pet can enjoy. However, you must make sure you’re in compliance with the law of the land. Dubai has breed specific legislation against breeds considered dangerous, strong, or both. Make sure your pet isn’t among the banned breeds listed below, otherwise you will not be granted access to facilities like dog parks and pet friendly spaces, or permitted pet travel to Dubai

Dangerous Breeds:

  • American pit bull terrier
  • American bully
  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • American Staffordshire terrier
  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Argentinian Mastiff
  • Japanese Tosa/hybrids
  • Rottweiler/hybrids
  • Canario Presa






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