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How Much Do Pet Transport Services Cost In India?

Pet Transportation Cost In India Via Flight, Flight Boarding Charges And The Clearing Charges; And The Freight Charges Ranging From 10-30k Basis Volumetric Weight. Via Train, Railways Can Be A Cheap Mode Of Transportation And Pocket-Friendly, Ranging From 10-20k INR, Via Car, The Cost Of Transporting Your Pet Through Your Pet Can Vary As Per The Distance Of The Pick Up Points. On An Average The Cost Ranges From 15 To 25 INR Per Km.

Is Your Pet Safe In A Cargo?

Yes, Absolutely. The Cargo Is Temperature Controlled And Is Pressurized Just Like The Cabin. With All The Necessary Requirements, Your Pet Is Safe In The Cargo, And Hence There Is No Need To Worry.

Can You Ship A Pet Alone?

Yes, Pets Must Travel Inside Their Crate For The Duration Of Their Journey. Pets May Be Shipped At The Same Time As The Owner Or After The Owners Arrival In The Destination Country/State Within A Week On The Same Ticket.

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