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How to Microchip and Register Your Pet in Dubai

Anyone who has been separated from their pet for even the smallest period will be familiar with the stress, anxiety, and frustration that comes with it. A pet collar can help in such circumstances; however, it is not a permanent solution, given how easily it can be slipped on or off a pet. the solution? Pet microchips. A microchip can be a powerful tool if your pet goes missing, as such a chip will make sure your pet is identifiable as yours if it’s found by someone. Provided you follow the step-by-step process and properly register your pet’s microchip, your pet’s chip can even contain details like your name and address, making searches far easier. 

Here Is How You Can Microchip and Register Your Pet in Dubai

What is a Pet Microchip?

A pet microchip is a tiny electronic chip, which is implanted on a pet underneath its skin using the same process as a normal vaccination. These chips are roughly the same size as a grain of rice and are differentiated by a Unique Identification Number. These chips require no power, and the unique identification number means no two microchips are the same. The microchip and its data are then linked to a central database, where the unique chip number can be cross-referenced, and the pet/pet owner details can be used to get in touch with the owner. 

Does a Pet Microchip Have a Remote Location or GPS? 

It is a common misconception that microchips function akin to a GPS tracker or geolocator. To clear that up, no, your pet’s microchip does not function like a GPS tracking device. However, while they don’t have GPS, they contain essential pet and pet owner information which establishes ownership. If you want to track your pet remotely, you can always buy a GPS-enabled pet collar which will give you that option and make your pet even easier to locate if they ever wander off or get lost. 

Why is Pet Microchip Registration Important? 

Registering your pet’s microchip with Dubai’s Municipality Veterinary Database is an important part of the microchipping process. A microchip by itself only contains a UIN (unique identification number), after which the pet owner’s details are registered in Dubai's Municipality Veterinary Database against this UIN, which makes a pet identifiable if it ever gets lost. If a lost pet is found by a stranger, it is usually returned to a vet clinic or the municipality’s clinic, after which their microchip is scanned, and the owner’s details appear. This process will not function without the microchip registration process, which is why microchip registration is so important.

How Can I Register My Pet with Dubai’s Municipality?

Pet microchip registration is a process with multiple steps. Here is how you can register your pet with Dubai Municipality: 

  • Microchipping: First, get your pet microchipped.  
    Vaccination & Health Records: Once microchipped, get a veterinary health check-up for your pet. 
  • Veterinary Health Certificate: A healthy pet will receive a veterinary health certificate. This is an important document, as it certifies your pet is healthy & disease-free.  
  • Documentation: You will need a valid Emirates ID/password, proof of residence, a copy of the veterinary health certificate, and a copy of your pet’s microchip details.  
  • Municipality Veterinary Clinic Visit: Once you have complete documentation, you can choose to visit one of Dubai’s Municipality Veterinary Clinics. You’ll need to show the documentation to the staff who will take you further through the process. 
  • Payment of Registration Fee: Once you submit the documents to staff, you will need to pay the registration fee. The fee may vary depending on your specific pet & the nature of your visit (fresh registration or renewal). 
  • Receiving the Certificate: Once you complete the formalities and pay the fee, the Dubai Municipality will issue a pet registration certificate for your pet. This certificate acts as proof of ownership and registration and must be presented in case of pet travel or legal disputes. 

To conclude, a pet microchip is an essential accessory for pets in Dubai for safety and administrative purposes. Pet microchips act as a safety net for your pet in case they get lost or wander, and they also help with processes like pet registration. Registering a microchip is an important aspect, as the registration process is what makes a microchip and your details accessible in case of a lost pet. Be sure to microchip your pet, get them vaccinated, get a health check-up and its certificate, and obtain a pet registration certificate to ensure safety and comply with the laws of the Dubai Municipality. 




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