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Emirates Airlines Pet Policy

One of two flag-bearing airlines of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines is a pet-friendly service provider and permits passengers to travel with pets on numerous routes. So long as certain travel prerequisites are met, passengers are more than welcome to travel with their pets on an Emirates Airlines flight. 

Pets Travelling In-Cabin

Falcons are the only pet animals allowed to travel in cabin, and that too when travelling between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan. Aside from falcons, trained guide dogs for the blind are permitted on board. Please remember that while your pet may be travelling with you in-cabin, you must still comply with the import requirements of your destination country.

Pets Travelling In-Cargo

Dogs, cats, pet birds, and falcons can travel as checked-in baggage in the Cargo Hold. There are no restrictions on the number of pets allowed on your flight as checked-in baggage; however, you will need to comply with any import rules, as some countries will permit pets to travel only as unaccompanied cargo.

The following rules will apply to a pet travelling in the cargo hold:

  • The crate’s dimensions cannot exceed 118in or 300cm for excess baggage travel with pets.
  • Your pet must travel as unaccompanied cargo if your flight is longer than 17 hours for safety reasons.

IATA-Approved Crate

Your pet will require an IATA-approved crate to travel as excess baggage. Make sure to choose the correct crate size to ensure a comfortable journey for your pet. You can contact your local Emirates office once you’ve finalized the details related to your journey and ready to book your journey.

The following table contains the pricing for pets travelling as excess baggage:

Weight Size Price
Up to 23kg Up to 59in / 150cm $500 USD
Between 24-32kg Between 59in / 150cm and 118in / 300 cm $650 USD
Over 32kg Between 59in / 150cm and 118in / 300 cm $800 USD
N/A Over 118in / 300cm Cargo

Make sure to check and comply with the import requirements of your destination country before traveling.

Health & Vaccination Requirements

Emirates Airlines requires all travelling pets to be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a licenced veterinarian within 10 days of travel. The certificate must attest that the pet is fit-to-fly, free of any infectious diseases, and vaccinated according to the destination country’s guidelines. Make sure to research your destination before making a reservation, as some countries include additional vaccinations, paperwork, treatments, and quarantine periods as import requirements.

Breed-Specific Restrictions

Certain countries pass breed-specific legislation that prohibits the import of certain dog breeds, including American Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa, and Dogo Argentino. Before booking your pet’s travel with Emirates Airlines, make sure to check your destination country's import regulations and whether they impose any restrictions on pet breeds.

Temperature Restrictions & Precautions

Emirates Airlines may restrict pet travel during extreme weather conditions to ensure the safety and well-being of the pets. It's important to check the airline's policies and contact the local Emirates office for any weather-related travel restrictions. Additionally, it's important to provide proper ventilation and climate control for your pet's travel crate, and to avoid booking flights during extreme weather conditions. Make sure to choose an IATA-approved crate and plan your journey to prevent any meteorological disturbances from putting a damper on your trip.







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