14 Feb

Different Modes of Pet Travel to Consider When Relocating

Moving and relocating can be as thrilling as stress-inducing. If you have a pet, then you're effectively planning both your relocations and journey simultaneously. When you're venturing abroad, you might not be able to have your pet alongside you for the duration of the move, as the logistics of doing so can be quite challenging. However, depending on the nature of your journey, there are multiple ways to travel with your pet and make your journey smoother. Let's take a look at them to help you choose the right mode for your pet & yourself. 

Pet Travel & Transport by Air 

Most airlines nowadays offer pet-friendly flight services across various routes, with a few terms and conditions which must be met to do so. For instance, while many airlines welcome pets on board, you’ll see that there are often restrictions placed on brachycephalic (or flat-faced/snub-nosed) pets, as their respiratory systems have a harder time coping with airflow while flying. Similarly, certain airlines will have breed-specific restrictions, barring pit bulls, for example, based on their reputation as a dangerous breed in Dubai. 

Pet transportation by air is a good option if your pet is allowed to fly and if you’re travelling over longer distances. Pets usually don’t cope very well with long hours in confinement when travelling, so the shorter the journey, the better it is for a pet. Pets will be able to travel either in-cabin or as cargo on a plane. In-cabin travel usually has a weight restriction, meaning it is generally made for smaller animals. Larger pets will often need to be checked in and transported as cargo. Don't worry, your pet will be safe; modern cargo bays are temperature and pressure-controlled, meaning your pet gets the same conditions you do in the cabin. 

If you’re travelling with your pet in the skies, make sure to check your pet friendly airline’s policy for pet travel, and whether you need to complete any booking formalities ahead of time. If your move is international, then it is likely that you’ll need to submit documents such as a health certificate and vaccination record in advance, so keep them handy and factor this in when making your plans. There are plenty of pet-friendly airline operating to and from the UAE, so you'll always have a flight provider that has a route of your choice. 

Pet Travel and Transportation on Land 

The ubiquitous mode of transport, travelling by road, is perhaps the most convenient mode of pet travel. Granted, air travel is the way to go when relocating with your pet, but you won’t take a plane to a neighbouring city and it is more than likely that you'll need to travel with your pet; to vet visits, for example. 

If you're travelling using your car, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure your pet is desensitized and isn't afraid of travelling in the car. If your pet is hesitant, start with a stationary car before smaller drives and eventually longer trips. Second, you should make sure your pet stays in a crate or belted in for the duration of your journey. An unrestrained pet can be distracting while driving and their being restrained will help minimize the risk of distraction. Pets are also safer when restrained in general, as they will be better protected in case of a bump or knock. 

If you cannot drive yourself and still need to travel out and about within your city, you could always opt for a pet taxi service. This will eliminate the need for driving and you can spend the journey relaxing with your pet. There are multiple factors to account for while booking a pet taxi service; safety is paramount, so ensure the service you’re booking has a good reputation and track record with pet transportation, and if their licenses are current and valid.  Make sure the company has a car that can accommodate your pet. Also, be sure to inform the company of any special needs/requirements to be kept in mind while driving your pet. 

As for the booking itself, any booking process will conclude with a quote. Enquire about why the quote costs as much as it does. Ask for details regarding the quote, whether it is on a distance basis or a time basis, whether the rates are uniform or if they vary with weight. It’s a good idea to factor in driver expenses and allowance at this stage as well, to avoid any unpleasant interactions further on. 

To conclude, there are a few methods of travel you can consider for pet travel. Air travel can help make long distances much shorter, and land travel is borderline necessary to commute to and from places with your pet. Provided you plan your journey and make the necessary preparations, you should have a smooth journey with your pet, no matter where you're coming from or going. 






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