29 May

Common Pet Health Problems in UAE and How to Solve Them

The UAE is immensely pet-friendly. A quick look through most provinces or localities will turn up with a few veterinary clinics, pet accessory stores, and even a pet boarding facility or two. Animals are welcomed with open arms in the UAE, and the UAE in turn spares no expense in caring for its pets. The UAE has its own set of challenges for pets though; With soaring temperatures, dusty storms and sand nearly everywhere, it can be difficult to always keep your pet healthy. 

Here Are A Few Common Pet Health Problems in Dubai & How to Solve Them


Parasites are pests that live off and inside an animal. Parasites feed on their host animal for nourishment and spread infectious diseases as they feed and grow. Symptoms of parasitic infection include fever, diarrhoea, and muscle pain. 

In the UAE, a blood parasite called Ehrlichia which spreads through ticks and affects dogs, is observable in pets during their vet visits. The good news is there are more robust tick treatments available on the market, so consult your vet and see whether your pet requires a medicinal tablet or a tick-preventing collar as treatment. 

Dental Disease

Dental disease in pets is a commonly observed issue. Dental health is among the most ignored areas of pet care, which is surprising considering the consequences of ignoring it are immense. The simplest way to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, and prevent periodontal disease is by brushing.

Much like yourself, your pet will benefit from regular brushing and oral maintenance, which can be complemented by regular visits to your vet for oral checkups. Bad breath is among the first symptoms you can notice, so check your pet’s mouth if you feel they have bad breath.

The inflammation and swelling of gums and bones around teeth is known as periodontal disease; it causes tooth loss and bacterial infections which can spread to vital organs and eventually lead to kidney and heart disease. Maintaining your pet’s dental health through brushing and regular vet visits will help you protect your pet’s dental health.

Ear Problems

The hot and humid climate of the UAE can lead to ear infections, especially in animal breeds with long ears. Symptoms include pets scratching or rubbing their ears, shaking, or tilting of the head. You may notice your pet’s ears are hot or sensitive and an odour may be present since most infections are either due to yeast or bacteria. 

Swimming, bathing, or grooming can all lead to ear infections thanks to the moisture involved in all three processes. Such issues should not be ignored, so take your pet to the vet as soon as you notice the symptoms.


Osteoarthritis refers to chronic joint inflammation, which is caused by the gradual deterioration of joint cartilage with time. As with any living being, pets and their bodies undergo a series of changes as they age; osteoarthritis is a joint condition that affects many senior pets. This will lead to lower activity levels, as jumping around and moving about will become more difficult in general.

As always, you should consult your pet and check how much your pet is affected by osteoarthritis, whether it can be treated, and what treatments to use to do so. Make sure to schedule a check-up if your cat’s movement appears to be sporadic or slower. 


Cancer is among the most common diseases in pets, which is why you should visit a vet immediately if you notice any spots or lumps. Not every bump or hole is cancerous, but if any such spots are taking too long to heal, you should consult a veterinarian. 

Pets are good at hiding pain and symptoms, but you can observe certain things for yourself. Unusual or sudden weight loss typically indicates an organ is having some trouble. Symptoms like wheezing, a loss of energy, and lack of appetite are all indicators that your pet needs a check-up and diagnosis. 

Cancers are sometimes preventable and sometimes not. The key is to take positive steps that reduce the likelihood of cancers occurring; for example, getting your pet spayed/neutered reduces the risk of cancer. A balanced diet with regular exercise also reduces the chances of cancerous growth in the body. 

To conclude, the UAE is an immensely pet-friendly region with a challenging climate for pets. There's no need to worry though; provided you visit your vet frequently, keep an eye out for any symptoms, and give your pet a healthy diet & exercise, you should have no trouble keeping your pet healthy in the UAE.





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