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How to Move Your Pet Internationally from the UAE

Much like how international travel for human beings is full of paperwork and security checks, international pet travel involves a great deal of planning and preparation. The process itself can often feel daunting, given the number of formalities involved and how any mistakes could lead to innumerable delays. However, with the correct preparation, your pet's travel journey can be made to be silky smooth. Let’s take a look at how you can move your pet internationally from the UAE.

Moving Overseas from the UAE

Any move overseas must comply with the export requirements of your country of departure and with the import requirements of your destination country. While none of these processes is particularly cumbersome, it is recommended you start this process ahead of time to be comfortable.

Before leaving the UAE, your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated and must have been registered with the Emirate's municipality. Additionally, you will require an export permit, which is granted by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).

Pets are permitted to travel in-cabin as well as in-cargo. For in-cargo transportation, you will need your passport, your pet’s vaccination record, and a payment receipt for the export permit you’ve applied for. For in-cargo transportation, you will need to visit a MOCCAE office and get a health certificate attested by them.

Essentials for Pet Travel from the UAE

There are a few essentials of pet travel you will need before you can set off on your journey. Some of these pertain to the health and safety requirements, while others are related to the import process and the documentation that comes with it.

Here are the essentials you’ll need for overseas pet travel from the UAE:

  • Vaccination Record: A vaccination record contains details of your pet’s vaccinations, the vaccine manufacturer, the expiry date, and so on. This record must be kept up-to-date, as it is an extremely important document and required for your exit from your country of origin and your entry into your destination country. Also known as a ‘pet passport’, it must be maintained with stamps from an authorized veterinarian alongside each administered vaccine. 

  • Pet Crate: A pet crate is used to keep your pet safe while in transit. Pet crates are designed to the specifications of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) to keep your pet secure and comfortable while in transit. Make sure to buy a crate of the correct size and to crate train your pet ahead of time, as your pet will likely have to stay inside their crate for their whole journey, especially when travelling as manifest cargo. 

  • Pet Microchip: A pet microchip is a form of identification for your pet. The microchip contains a 15-digit code, against which your pet’s details are held in a registry. It is a safe and convenient method of identification and a mandatory requirement for international pet travel from the UAE. Make sure to check if your microchip is of the standardized, ISO 11784/11785 variety, as these are accepted globally. 

  • Health Certificate: Before your pet can travel, you will need to visit your vet for a general health check-up. Once this check-up is completed successfully and no potential issues are found, your vet will provide you with a health certificate. A health certificate testifies to the fact that your pet has been examined before travelling and is fit to travel. This certificate is also called a fit-to-fly certificate. 

  • Pet Import Permit: Before leaving the country, you will need to produce the initial permit you used to enter the UAE with your pet. As a mandatory requirement, you will need to carry this document with you when visiting the MOCCAE’s offices or when applying for an export permit/NOC. 

  • Export Permit: Finally, there’s the export permit which is issued by MOCCAE. This is a very important document, as your pet will not be allowed to travel out of the UAE if you don’t have it. 

To conclude, the process of moving with your pet from the UAE is far from the easiest thing, given how it requires coordinating with government authorities and obtaining the necessary documentation promptly. The main reason such a move takes time is down to the various documents to obtain, tests to perform, and regulations to comply with; provided you plan your move well, you should have no trouble travelling with your pet from the UAE. Make sure to conduct your research as well, since you never know what extra restrictions/testing procedures/ a country may have imposed on short notice. Happy travels!




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